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Maintaining its Cycladic charms, Santorini is a world of its own. Having shaped the island after multiple eruptions, the aura from the volcano overwhelms you from the moment you arrive. Steep, imposing cliffs overlooking the Aegean, picturesque settlements with historic significance and unparalleled beauty, a coastline that resembles pictures from the moon and the other planets!

In Santorini, everything is precious; the water, the soil, the sun. High quality products are cultivated on the island, which you find nowhere else in the world. You take a sip on the Theran wine and gaze at the infinite blue of the Aegean, where it meets the Greek sky. The views are stunning. Nature’s magnitude unveiled in a single place of the world, the timeless island of Santorini!


Your days in Santorini will be kept treasured inside your heart and soul, shaping memories of a lifetime and preparing your next visit to the island. There are innumerable activities you may enjoy throughout your stay in this marvelous destination in Cyclades. Wine tours allow you to discover the art of wine making and introduce you to the distinctive character of the local wine varieties in Santorini. Sailing at the Aegean and exploring the splendid coasts of Santorini, visiting the volcano and the therapeutic waters filled with sulfur, is another highlight of your vacations. Especially when you enjoy a breathtaking sunset on board, gazing at the colorful horizon and sipping on some chilled champagne, this is a unique experience.


Hiking tours to the major attractions of the island unfold Santorini’s hidden gems to you, as you admire the imposing views to the Aegean and the caldera from the most prestigious spots up above. A visit to the archaeological sites is a must on your list, since one of the finest and most prominent civilizations thrived on the island in the past. The findings are simply awe-inspiring. And as the sun is nearly setting, time to celebrate nature again and admire the sunset from a picturesque settlement in Santorini. Absolute beauty and serenity combined in a true masterpiece of Greece!

Travel to Santorini by Air


The Santorini International Airport boasts frequent connections with direct flights to and from El. Venizelos Athens Airport quite frequently all year round.


Direct flights from Athens airport: Olympic Air // Aegean Airlines // Ryanair


Nonstop air transport to Santorini is also avaialble from many of the largest cities in Europe during the summer months. Flights through discount airlines as well as charter services are available too.

Travel to Santorini by Sea


Not as fast as a flight, sea travelling can be more affordable and above all much more rewarding in views and experiences. The Blue Star Ferries slow boats (nine hours travel time) depart daily, all year round, from Piraeus Athens’ Port while the Hellenic Sea Ways High Speed ferries (five hours travel time) depart daily from April to October.


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Travel between the Islands


If you are in a mood for some island hopping, the best way to do it is through Sky Express small Jets, flying from late May to early September.


Alternatively you may opt for the classic Hellenic Sea Ways Flying Catamarans (Flying Cats), in operation from late April to early October.